We are delighted to showcase the latest Charters Market Insight - we analyse your local property market in relation to the sales, lettings and new homes markets and the wider market conditions.

Charters is proud to operate in all of our unique branch locations and we take the regional activity and trends within our micro-markets very seriously.

Independently owned, we are perfectly positioned to react quickly to our customers’ needs and market fluctuations. To be highly effective in our business, and to accurately advise and represent our clients, we must confidently become the local experts, harnessing intelligent data and relevant knowledge of what is currently happening in the forever changing markets on our doorsteps.

Our MARKET INSIGHT reports are produced in time with the evolving market and we freely share this content with our local residents and businesses, as there are many factors which affect us all in the decisions to either Buy, Sell, Rent or Let our Residential or Commercial properties.

Autumn 2021

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