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How buying a new build could save you money

17th December 2021


When it comes to property hunting, everyone’s looking for something slightly different. It’s sometimes hard to narrow down your options but, if you’re thinking of moving, buying a new build could be a very smart decision.

New build homes can be practical, reliable and less expensive places to live. So, if you want to save money now and in the future here’s why buying a new build home is the right choice for your bank balance…

Incentives of a new build house

From government incentives to developers throwing in freebies, it’s worth checking to see who’s willing to give you money towards/money off when buying a new build house. You might be able to get free white goods, furnishings or even get your stamp duty or legal fees covered, all of which will save you money on your move.

Cheaper bills

New buildings are constructed to modern standards, with good insulation, double/triple glazing, efficient boilers and energy-saving appliances. It’s easy to join the dots and see how this can save you hundreds on your energy bills over the year.

Although bills might not be the first priority on your house-hunting checklist, it’s definitely a huge perk of buying a new build property and worth keeping in mind as you search.

Worthwhile warranties

Developers are obliged by The Consumer Code for Home Builders to register with a warranty insurance provider. That means your new property will be covered for several years should issues arise. Not only will you be protected, but any problems should be sorted quickly, adding peace of mind to your purchase.   

Get the house you want

How many homes have you looked at and imagined all the things you’d change the moment you got the keys? Making these changes is a hassle and expense that can be avoided by buying a new build home.

From décor to appliances and even the layout itself, the developer often gives buyers the option to customise properties as they’re being constructed. Walk into your house on the first day knowing you won’t have to change a thing. 

Avoid expensive maintenance

In a new build, everything is new! That means the wiring, plumbing, appliances, paint, roof, gutters… everything from top to bottom should cause you no issues for several years. Obviously, the less issues the better in terms of maintenance costs which is great news for you and your bank balance.

Lower moving costs

When it comes to moving, the associated costs can really add up. However, when buying a new build house, there are a few perks in this area which bring those extra moving costs down:

  • You’re likely to need only a basic, inexpensive survey
  • There’s no chain to cause potentially costly delays
  • The legal side of buying a new build is usually quick and straightforward

Reduce insurance costs

Finally, an extra financial bonus of buying a new home is the high level of safety and security that usually comes as standard. Apart from ensuring your peace of mind, insurance companies look favourably on the burglar alarms, good locks and even gates and CCTV that may be part of your property.

You might find a lower than expected insurance bill which, again, is money saved because you chose a new build.

Get in touch

As you can see, there are several ways that buying a new build home can keep costs down and they all add up to serious savings. That’s before even mentioning the beautiful home you get to enjoy once you’ve unpacked the moving boxes!

At Charters we have years of experience helping clients move into and out of every kind of property. If you’re buying or selling and have got any questions, please get in touch. Our dedicated local team will be happy to help.

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