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Land of Hope and Glory!

4th November 2018



Having received an introduction from an existing client, we were passed the details of the landowner of this property on Oliver’s Battery Road North in Winchester, to advise on the development potential within his current residential property and plot, subject to planning. He had received several direct approaches but was not entirely happy with any of the terms and conditions offered at that time.

After initial phone calls and an introductory meeting to outline our services, we were instructed to procure a new development purchaser to take the site forward under option, subject to planning, with a view to maximising an uplift in the property’s value over and above existing residential sale valuations provided by local agents.

Within a few weeks, we were able to secure confirmed interest and subsequently a firm offer from Colten Homes who quickly agreed terms, subject to planning, with the land owners and then began their planning investigations.

Despite having to overcome many planning obstacles, which led to extensive changes to both the proposed density and layout of the site, detailed planning consent was eventually obtained in September this year for a six unit development of semi-detached and detached homes and the developer has now exercised their option to purchaser with completion set for early 2019.

We look forward to seeing this come to fruition.

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